Langdale Farm


Your imagination will race as you tour this great property and hear the story of Langdale farm from their charismatic owners Oliver and Fiona. Meet the pigs, see a meat smoker in action and learn about making sausages and bacon.

BBQ sausages for sale.

We run a small scale free range pork farm. We sell our pork products at Harvest farmers market fortnightly, plus our nitrate free, smoked bacon is available at several Providore outlets. Our sausages, traditional pork and now Fennel flavor are now also available at Alps and Amici.

We breed and grow the rare breed pigs which are Berkshire, Saddleback and Large British Black. Our pork products are made here on farm and in our processing room. The bacon is dry cured with no added nitrates, then smoked the traditional way using local wood for the heat and smoke.

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