Marions Vineyard


Once an impenetrable block of bush and rock, Marion’s is now one of the Tamar’s oldest established vineyards with magnificent views over the Tamar and winery on site.

Second generation winemakers Cynthea Semmens and David Feldheim are gradually integrating organic and biodynamic principles into the vineyard, olive grove and market gardens. In 2018, Cynthea was awarded the Dr Don Martin Sustainable Viticulture Award, and travelled to New Zealand for a study tour of organic and biodynamic vineyard management practices.

Join them for a tour and stay for a platter, wine tastings and produce samples.

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Farmgate Festival 2021

Farmgate Festival returns in 2021, connecting people with locally produced food. The festival will take place this year on 27th and 28th November, when a collection of small farm and rural businesses in the West Tamar will open their gates to the public for the weekend. Visitors can visit the…

What’s on the menu

We can't show you a picture of what will be on your plate at the Farmgate Festival dinners. The chefs are, at this moment, sourcing and selecting ingredients and beginning to cook. You will need to check back regularly for updates.

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At each of our venues, you'll find the owner ready to conduct a short tour. They'll tell you their story, and a bit about what it's like to run a small, agricultural or food based business in the Tamar Valley. At the first venue you visit, you'll need to check…