Tamar Valley Organic


A mature walnut orchard in the picturesque Rowella area, with trees in flower during the festival.

Take a short walking tour down past the beautiful orchard, tended by hand using organic principles, where you’ll see the nutlets growing. Then it’s on to the processing sheds with owner Scott Hine-Haycock to learn about harvesting, washing and drying the nuts – soft, sweet and delicious.

A great opportunity to find out more about what it’s like to buy and run a small, horticultural property producing a niche product, direct from the owner.

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What’s on the menu

We can't show you a picture of what will be on your plate at the Farmgate Festival dinners. The chefs are, at this moment, sourcing and selecting ingredients and beginning to cook. But we can tempt you with a few details. At Loira Vines' Four Seasons Soiree, you'll be greeted…

What to expect on the festival weekend

Just a few days to go until the festival weekend! We hope you're excited. We hope you've got your tickets too. They're on sale on the festival website, and we encourage you to buy online. At each of our venues, you'll find the owner ready to conduct a short tour.…

Info for buses

If you intend arranging for a bus tour to Farmgate Festival, please note that our venues are working farms and vineyards. They may have limited access for large vehicles, and may be on rough ground with unsealed roads or tracks. Please plan your tour carefully and contact our venues direct…